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Foreground L to R, grand daughter Carmine 9 yrs, Prairie Dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, and Daddy Kirk. Background L to R, my daughter Christina, granddaughter Justine 14 yrs. Christina is 6 ft tall and Justine is 5 ft ten inches and growing, Kirk is my height at bout 6 ft 2 inches. The story. The three gals plus Prairie Dog & Wyle Coyotee, also a Jack Russell Terrier were on there way to Boise, Idaho from there home in Colorado Springs,, Colorado. They made it as far as Pocatelo, Idaho where they got T - Boned at high speed. Totaled the car, and the last Wyle, was seen he was running down the road bleeding terribly. The policeman told them there was no way the dog could have survived. Christy was pretty well pinned in the vehicle and after extraction was taken to the hospital for observation. The two girls were, thankfully unhurt. At the hospital in Pocatelo, Idaho they put 10 staples in Christina's head, then pronounced her fit and sent her on her way. Some friends from Boise came to there aid and got them on to Boise. Christy upon arrival in Boise collapsed in the drive way. They rushed her to the hospital via ambulance.. She had a concussion, lacerated spleen, a partially collapsed lung and other problems the hospital in Pocatelo, Idaho missed. I don't recommend having a bad accident in that town. In a nut shell Christina is fine and resting at a friends place for bout 10 more days. I was there for three days and only came home when I was assured by my daughter that she was going to be fine. WHEW!!!!


OH!!! did I mention some friends got on the web and started calling all the vet hospitals in that area and by golly they found Wyle, somewhat the worse for wear but alive in one of those vet hospitals? COOL!!! He's gonna be a three legger from here on but he is alive and kicking. You have to know that dog but before the accident it actually climbed trees and my bet is he still will albeit a bit slower. He's one of those unstoppable characters.

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Taken on September 20, 2012