Fortifyiying New York

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{AEOF log nbr. 13668 }

Location :Brooklyn, New york, U.S.A.

Date September 11th 2101
Time: 9:32 pm. E.
Since the death of Bin laden in 2012, the Taliban seemed to become less active. But a few months ago, the world understood why.
On July 7th, the sent a series of suicide bombers into Manhattan, and managed to seal off it's access to the outside world by using a series of suicide barges coming up the Hudson river. they then emerged from various hideouts around the island which must've taken years of planning.
they then declared it their territory until the United States removed all their armed forces from around the world, disarmed their nuclear weapons, and payed the Taliban a tremendous sum of money.
The scheme was officially declared the worst threat the world has know since the the second world war.
The united states of course,were unable to meet with these requirements so they decided to send their troops in, but the Taliban said any attempt to do so would result in the termination of the lives of Manhattan's inhabitants along with its destruction. So instead, the American governement has turned to AEOF, the private international military forces.
And asked them to state their buisness was for personal reasons only.
They did so, and are currently surrounding Manhattan, evacuating all civilians from the area, and making sure the terrorists have no way out of the island, or their reinforcements, in.
An attack is planned to retake the island at 0200 the next day.

Creators note: Yeah, I wanted a backstory for this MOC so I was a bit creative here, and yeah, I'm sure it probably can't happen.
Oh yeah ! Before I forget, I wanted to tell you I found a name for my custom military faction : AEOF (pronounced "Ay-Uv" )
It stands for Armed Occupation and Expultion Forces. I know it doesn't really mean anything, but I liked the sound of it. :P

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  1. Gabe Umland 21 months ago | reply

    Some fantastic wrok on this man!

  2. SpaceGypsy!!! 21 months ago | reply

    Good build. The story could be better, though.

  3. Paul ♤ 21 months ago | reply

    yeah the build was hard to understand so I added a story while uploading, but it was totally improvised.... I knew people would say something like that.

  4. SpaceGypsy!!! 21 months ago | reply

    I just noticed, did you use collectable minifig stands for the roof? That's great.

  5. Paul ♤ 21 months ago | reply

    Yeah, thanks, but I think It's been done before but in a different way.

  6. ∠Eric The Red 21 months ago | reply

    Nice work! I do have a couple tips for you.

    1. The building looks very unstable. Try to make buildings have at least 2 sides to them. The presentation and feel of the MOC would skyrocket. However, I'm not quite sure you'd be able to incorporate a 2 sided house into this kind of MOC....

    2. Next time try to take the picture of your MOC with all of it shown. I want to see all the edges of your build. Also, crop-out anything that you don't want in your picture (in this one you have some stuff to the right of the MOC) so that it looks more.... "professional".

    3. I recommend changing the mech that you have built a little bit. It looks a little crazy and unrealistic. This may help you. ;)

    All-in-all, sweet MOC and neat backstory! :D

  7. Paul ♤ 21 months ago | reply

    The building has two sides, it's just one is a little bit rainbow colored so I didn't show it on purpose :P

    OK,I'll try, I'll also make better proportions, It's what I do now but the "skeleton" of this is an old build from when I didn't.
    See for yourself, I do it nowadays...

    Thanks, for the tip, that mech actually got some nice feedback on mocpages. I'd give you a link, but I can't access mocpages now. (duh ! why am I stuck here then :P) it's just that it's holding a gun accross it's chest so it makes us concentrate on the crappy part.

    thx, anyways ;) and I'll crop out next time.

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