• Lyra (constellation): the bright star is Vega (ever see the movie Contact?

Lyrid meteors with aurora

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If you're interested:

I took 150 shots over 2 hours and only caught half a dozen meteors. This shot is a composite of those images: one main image with a handful of imported (and rotated) meteors from other shots. I think there may have been more, but the aurora were out all night. Also, long exposure noise reduction meant that my camera sensor was only actually capturing light <50% of the time.

I took a nap so I could stay up late, and I scouted this location in the daylight (treacherous walking) using a compass and some information I got using Cybersky (so I would know the rough location of the radiant point of the shower.)

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  1. astroZ1 36 months ago | reply

    Thanks for your comment and favorite on my pic! Yes, persistence does pay off! You've got quite a nice bunch of meteors there. Beautiful foreground and aurora. And yes, I have seen the movie Contact.

  2. david moug 36 months ago | reply

    Great image, you can never lose with a water reflection like that.

  3. snapdragginphoto 36 months ago | reply

    I'm glad you got it... we've been having showers of a different sort here for the weekend. That aurora is a beautiful addition to the shot, especially reflected in the water, though I suppose they're quite bothersome when shooting for meteors. All in all, I wouldn't mind sitting up with you there to walk off with an image or two like this... well done!

  4. SannePhotos (S. Douthitt) 36 months ago | reply

    this is phenomenal, love it!

  5. nature_photonutt (Sue AWAY FOR A BIT) 36 months ago | reply

    Awesome image, Kevin. You are very dedicated to go out for hours in the cold and by yourself too!

  6. cup4tml 36 months ago | reply

    Well done, your patience paid off!

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