Natural Law

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    I was astounded to hear from the fellow on the right that his group of friends had just been handed $75 tickets for wading in the river. On my way here I crossed paths with two park rangers, who had apparently just finished handing out citations. The ban seems to be in the interest of discouraging folks from getting caught in unexpected currents, but as always the feds seem to go overboard; I doubt anyone was in danger in this little cove. And even if so, drowning is a stronger disincentive than citations. Why not just post markers where folks have drowned, with a sign explaining the dangers? The cove is a pretty spot, with a small beach filled with crushed shells - not the sort of place you'd expect along the Potomac river. Billy Goat Trail A. Montgomery County, MD.

    1. sukhavajra 40 months ago | reply

      Boy, can't get away from Right-Wing rhetoric even here: " ALWAYS the FEDS seen to go overboard". Can't you spare us the ad hominem attack on government? As is if "it" were some alien life form imposing itself on us, and not a direct product of what WE do, or fail to do with respect to what IT does. Boy! if only we didn't have the federal government on our backs, right? As if it acted in a vacuum and no other forces, like enormous, often cold-blooded corporations weren't around to impose themselves on us. It so tragic that heading toward the middle of the second decade of the Twenty-First Century we're still speaking in Ronald Reagan.

    2. sukhavajra 40 months ago | reply

      And I forgot the most important as if: As if it weren't for the federal government itself (and people who employed it as an effective agency) who has historically safeguarded lands and waterways precisely like these for people like you to enjoy, and for us to have any natural habitats spared the mindless destruction wreaked in the name of "liberty" and "free enterprise"--as if that were the ONLY principle the founders intended to constitute our nation.

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