Zambia, human trafficking poster

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    As in many other parts of the world, potential economic migrants are sometimes lured away from home by extravagant promises and then forced into work not of their chosing. This seems a far more useful poster campaign than ones simply telling young women that "a real woman waits".

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    1. Jakobpunkt 107 months ago | reply

      This sort of thing makes me so sick.

    2. DrHobo 89 months ago | reply

      i like how they say "could be false", hate to kill that hope eh.

    3. barack26 88 months ago | reply

      yeah, we heard a lot about these things in elementary school. but not in africa.... in europe. bastards are everywhere.

    4. drunken_fist 87 months ago | reply

      this pisses me off
      for sick things like this to happen
      its so sad.....................................

    5. Cannuck2007 87 months ago | reply

      I've heard about this quite a bit, It happens to American and Canadian women too, promises of singing or modeling contracts, they take your passport and your trapped, they'll kill before they let you go. It is very sad and scary. This poster makes it more personal and is very matter of fact. Effective albeit sickening.

    6. abdula 87 months ago | reply

      uma vergonha humana.

    7. onowino 85 months ago | reply

      Same sort of shit goes on in North America. Take care of our own girls, before you worry about those others.

    8. jessicamofessica 85 months ago | reply

      ... I'm filipino-american, and it took me a while to realize that young filipino women are the perfect target for these kinds of businesses with the poor economic and educational conditions in the Philippines. it horrifies me, what could be happening.

    9. .:CosmicGirl:. 85 months ago | reply

      Hola, soy el administrador de un grupo llamado Top20Poster-Design y nos encantaría agregar esto al grupo.

    10. M^K 79 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Images FOR Africa (Read the Rules!), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    11. killakaygee 70 months ago | reply

      this is a really interesting poster. I'm doing a paper on human trafficking right now and i'm very interested in the subject;
      this poster would make me aware.

      also, the contrast between the subject and the words "work abroad" is very eye catching

    12. Tim makes things [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

      There is a very powerful film called Lilya 4-ever based on this issue, when I watched it I wasn't aware of this sort of thing, this poster does a great job of bringing it to light too, it's an issue that I don't think all that many people are aware of

    13. chяissywu [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      This is a really powerful statement. If the whole world could see, maybe things would be different...

    14. p_dude 55 months ago | reply

      Powerful agree

      Please post your shot in

      Zambia photo's

      Rain is coming, Mkushi, Zambia

    15. p_dude 55 months ago | reply


      Please post it in
      Image of Zambia

      The Main Road into Serenje
      Rain is coming, Mkushi, Zambia The Crew hanging out at the White Horse Humphrey and Mamba Snake catched in the office, Zambia, 1999

    16. jordi sunshine comas 29 months ago | reply

      Great, powerful. I am working with my college students on visual literacy for global topics. Great find for me.

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