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    Harleys in Julian, CA
    Iskra, 6x6 MF folding rangefinder (1961). Efke 25. I love this film !

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    1. mutbka ages ago | reply

      See Eugenia's shot.

    2. Lida Rose ages ago | reply

      Wow. Impressive! Great angle. Some photos are instructional as well as beautiful. Thanks!

    3. Pandiyan ages ago | reply

      After seeing the thumbnail I was going to say that I had seen that somewhere!

      Harley is a beast of machine. I would be so out of place sitting on that monster! I suspect you would too. But not Tony.

    4. mutbka ages ago | reply

      Thanks Lida and Pandiyan!
      I guess it was not me who invented shooting parked motorbikes from a low angle. But I thought - "What the heck, I am just testing the film" ! ; )

      Pandiyan - just grow long hair, make a ponytail, grow beard, make tatoos on your chest and arms, don't shave for a few days and you will perfectly fit ! =)

    5. Pandiyan ages ago | reply

      Hey, you have described me very well! Where did you see me? It is just that I am 5ft tall with my platform shoes:) TFIC

    6. mutbka ages ago | reply

      Ok Pandiyan, then who is this guy ? ; )

    7. Pandiyan ages ago | reply

      oh my! I have been pretty careless!

    8. digikuva ages ago | reply

      Oh how much shining metal!
      Nice shot mutbka!

    9. Andrew McKenna ages ago | reply

      I really like the composition here. Is that an old car or a jeep or something in the background?

    10. mutbka ages ago | reply

      Thanks! =)
      It is this one.

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