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Another Fairbanks Sunset

The Sun had set half an hour previously, and was more-or-less behind Denali, casting a shadow of Denali and Foraker on the clouds. Things line up just right like this for about 2 weeks in November and January. Then, you have to have a cloud in just the right spot to catch the shadow, but no clouds on the horizon so the light can get through.


Also, there's a Fata Morgana mirage on the mountains, which is why it looks all weird with the layers and seeming holes right through the mountain. In a regular mirage, light going down is bent upward, so you 'see' the sky in the ground. Here, light going upward is bent down and you 'see' the ground in the sky.


Oh yeah! And there's an inversion layer in the air which puts a 'cap' on how high the exhaust from the power plant rises, which is why it rises up in a column then seems to hit a ceiling and spread out. All kinds of fun stuff going on.

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Taken on November 28, 2012