alameda antiques fair finds

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    ansco readyflash + brownie twin 20

    1. traciw 38 months ago | reply

      So the film inside was exposed? I wonder if Photoworks can develop it.

      ETA: I started googling mine and just now realized the sticker that goes on the focus ring is gone so I can't identify which focus is which. MEEP. I am thinking maybe I can looking at pictures and figure it out, then draw dots with colored markers? I can definitely feel it clicking into place for each focus so maybe it will work.

    2. traciw 38 months ago | reply

      Possibly I am getting a little carried away here, but I found a site with my manual (hence realizing that ring sticker was missing) and I found the manuals for both of yours (Ansco, Brownie Twin 20).

      I also found this thread on a Flickr group (FANCY THAT) where they talk about respooling and provide some nice resource links. I would love to do some respooling experimentation with our cameras that take 620 film. Camera science! Also, if we mess it up we can always buy modified 120 or try to modify it ourselves like with some clippers or sanders or tools or what-have-you. Heh.

      Oh also apparently B&H sells 620, but it's pricey (like $13 a roll), so there's that too!

    3. mustardandsage 38 months ago | reply

      I hope they can develop it– there could be some real gems in there! Less than awesome news about the missing focus ring stickers. Does it rotate fully around or can you click through the 3-4 options and back? Because if you can find a good picture of it online you could maybe deduce which is which... If that fails, your idea to shoot a test roll would definitely work (provided you take good notes!).

      And yes, let's add respooling to our crafty to-do list.

    4. traciw 38 months ago | reply

      First! We need a dark bag. I confess respooling without my eyeballs seems intimidating.

    5. traciw 32 months ago | reply

      Whatever happened with that roll you found inside and had Photoworks develop?

    6. mustardandsage 32 months ago | reply

      It came out blank. Wahhh wahhhh. :(

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