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3rd largest island in China: Chongming Island | by Kamal Zharif
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3rd largest island in China: Chongming Island

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This scenery is taken at Dongping National Forest Park at Shanghai. It is located at Chongming island. As known, Chongming Island is the 3rd largest island in China. This park located 12km from the Nanmen port (Chongming island town) and covering the area of 358 hectares.

From Shanghai city center, you will be able to go to there by several methods of transportation. The easiest way is going to there by bus. It is about 90km journey to the Chongming Island town (Nanmen: 南门)It takes 20 rmb each to go there from bus station at wenshui road gonghexin road (汶水路共和新路). When you wan to go to chongming island, there have several lines used, one of them is shenchong number 3 line (申崇三线). When you ride using a bus, you can have a sleep since the journey will takes roughly about 2 hours before arriving at nanmen 南门. From Nanmen 南门, you will noticed that many of taxi driver and un-licensed taxi driver want to offer you a ride to specific places in Chongming Island. In this island, there have several beautiful places that you can choose to go. One of the notable places is Dongping National Forest Park (东平国家森林公园).

From my experience, I rather used public bus to go to Dongping national forest park. It is cheaper, only 5 or 4 RMB. When using taxi, it takes about RMB 45. However you also have an option to use un-licensed taxi driver that can offer you at about RMB 35.

Another route is by using ferry, based on this website , you can have another view when using ferry as a transportation.

During summer, you are be able to see the green of forest with many kind of tall trees as well as other tree. Since the beginning of 1997, this park was evaluated as one of the ten resorts in Shanghai.

This place had attracted thousands of tourist and inside here have several facilities for tourist. By walking through here the calmness will surrounds yourself, surrounds the environment nearby you and you can relax without bothered by cars, roads and people. Even each year, it really attract many tourist, you still can feel that you are only one in this forest park. If you feel more brave, you can walk through inside the forest park, outside from main tracks of tourist road. From here on, you can feel there is like inside a forest and you also can hear the chirping birds.

Some of the place inside this park is really spacious even it full of trees. Walking inside this place is like walking through the tall trees with beautiful small trees around your feet.

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Taken on June 12, 2011