Pickett Butte Lookout, Oregon
Pickett Butte Lookout was constructed in 1948 and sits on a 40 foot tower at an elevation of 3290 feet in Umpqua National Forest, Oregon. It is the second lookout tower to occupy this site on Pickett Butte. The first was a 25 foot tower built in 1934. This impressive structure has a commanding view of the entire Jackson Creek Drainage area and much of the lower elevation lands around the town of Tiller, Oregon. Since Pickett Lookout sits at a lower elevation than most other lookouts in Oregon, it receives less snow and is accessible by car much of the winter.

The 12 X 12 foot living area is furnished with one twin bed, a table and a chair, and plenty of storage space for food and other gear. It is also equipped with a propane heater, lights, cooking stove with oven and a refrigerator. Umpqua National Forest provides the propane. An Osborne Fire Finder sits in it's usual place, in the center of the room. A vault toilet is located near the access road and there is a pulley system available to transport items from the ground to the lookout. The forest service says to use it at your own risk. I used it many times without any problems.

There is a locked gate about a 1/2 mile down the access road and the combination is provided in your rental agreement. Access to the top of the lookout also has a combination lock. The three flights of stairs are steep and narrow making it difficult to get heavy items up and down them. But the exercise will make you a stronger person.

There are no trails within walking distance of the lookout but the Tiller Ranger District provides a list of trails you can drive to in the national forest. There is also a large map of the area that swings down from the ceiling and makes planning your drive much easier.

Yogi and I visited Pickett Butte lookout in December of 2011.
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