Wenatchee Guard Station, Washington
The Wenatchee Guard Station is another forest service structure built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's. Two other cabins occupied this site before the Wenatchee cabin was built and served as guard stations also.

Sitting on a mountain top, at 6050 feet, in the Umatilla National Forest, the Wenatchee Guard Station has a commanding view of the Northern tip of the Blue Mountains. It's the only cabin Yogi and I have stayed in where three states can be seen from the doorway. (Washington, Idaho and Oregon).

The guard station is open year round and can be rented from the Umatilla National Forest for $50 a night. It can be accessed in the winter from Cloverland Sno-Park, about four miles away from the cabin.

The Wenatchee cabin is a single story wood frame structure with new wood siding and shake shingles. Inside are three rooms, a living room, kitchen and bedroom. It is currently furnished with three twin beds, a futon couch and a futon chair. There is also a table and two smaller chairs. The kitchen comes with an assortment of pots and pans which can be handy for melting snow in the winter months. Propane powers a refrigerator, six lights, a cook stove and a heat stove. A small outhouse is located nearby.

Yogi and I spent four nights at the Wenatchee cabin in April, 2011.
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