Peavy Cabin, Oregon
This log cabin in the Blue Mountains of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is the mother of all national forest service rentals. You just have to see it to appreciate what a great cabin this is.

Built in 1934 by college professor Dr. George Wilcox Peavy, this structure served as an outdoor laboratory for Peavy's students from Oregon Agricultural College. The college later became Oregon State University.

Currently the Peavy Cabin rents out to the public for $45 a night during the summer and fall seasons and then closes for the winter.

Since it was acquired by the forest service, the Peavy Cabin has undergone several renovations and they continue to take extremely good care of it to this day.

The cabin sits in a remote location along side the wild and scenic North Fork John Day River Wilderness Area. Two major trails branch off into the burned out remains of a forest fire which scorched this region in 1996. Deer, elk, bear, cougars and even mountain goats roam the area surrounding the cabin. Coyotes bark and wail through the night. The North Fork John Day River runs through the site's back yard.

This one room cabin sleeps at least 5 people. It has a bunk bed, futon, and two beds that fold out of a wall. Propane gas powers a refrigerator, oven and lights. A wood stove and giant fireplace provide heat. A fire ring and a wood shed stocked with firewood are just outside the cabin but the ranger district cannot guarantee that firewood will be available at all times.

Yogi and I spent four nights at the Peavy Cabin in October of 2010.
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