Science of Sound
National Waterfront Museum 22 Mar–31 May 2009

What's that noise?

Learn about the way we hear music as tiny vibrations, wacky wavelengths and funky sound patterns take pride of place at the National Waterfront Museum.

The exhibition is an interactive exploration of how sound is made, transmitted and received, and is all set to wow crowds in Swansea and engage visitors into the wonderful world of sound.

With the aid of nine special exhibits, visitors will be able to test their Vocal Chords, get to grips with Laser Harmonics, puzzle their brains with Simon, play the Rock Core Xylophone and discover the Heartbeat Drum.

You can create sounds and watch the noises appear before your eyes. Learn how to control sound by altering pitch and volume, and how science can create different ways to capture sound and reproduce it.

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