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Four-winged Spiny-hipped Dragon, 40x31.5 inch, (dorsal view) | by Dr. Takeshi Yamada
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Four-winged Spiny-hipped Dragon, 40x31.5 inch, (dorsal view)

There are numbers of extremely rare species of dragons or flying reptiles with more than a pair of wings. One of the major advantages of having two pairs of functioning wings like this flying carnivour is the ability to suddenly change the flying direction in the mid air by adjusting the angle of the hind wings just like the modern dragonflies do.


The skull was lizard-like with a pointed snout and contained a broad back with a serrated crest with a pair of sharp horns.


The Museum of World Wonders in Brooklyn, New York houses and displays over 1,000 specimens, artifacts, taxidermy & rogue taxidermy works, and artworks of dragons (flying reptiles, gliding reptiles, and dragon-like exotic creatures) of the past and present.


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Takeshi Yamada’s Jersey Devil Set for Bell House Taxidermy Contest (article and photograph, posted December 8, 2011 by Tricia)




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