Day 322: The Wheel Breaks The Butterfly

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    November 18, 2011

    when she was just a girl
    she expected the world
    but it flew away from her reach
    so she ran away in her sleep
    and dreamed of paradise

    life goes on
    it gets so heavy
    the wheel breaks the butterfly
    every tear, a waterfall
    in the night, the stormy night
    she'd close her eyes - away she'd fly
    and dream of paradise

    so lying underneath those stormy skies
    she'd say 'oh, i know the sun must set to rise'
    this could be paradise


    Is it not incredibly unfair how Mare (my wonderful friend, pictured here) can not even know she's being photographed and take some of the most gorgeous shots? I think it's unfair to the rest of us. She hates this photo of herself (given the fact that she was just standing by a wall when I randomly snapped it - not realizing I took it until after the fact, I can't really blame her). But I adore it. I knew it would make it's way to being veeery lovely in Photoshop later. :). And I was right... I loooooove the way this turned out. :).

    Words are from probably my favourite song off of the new Coldplay album - Paradise.
    This album is incredible, guys. I bought it at midnight the morning it came out and listened to it all the way through and just... wow. But, you have to buy the whole album and listen to it from track 1 on in chronological order, all in one sitting. It's worth it guys - trust me. :). Looooove it. Anyway, this is probably my favourite song off the album. Rather relatable in ways.
    YOU MUST LISTEN TO LISTEN TO AND WATCH THIS. Especially if you like elephants.

    Today has been fun. I should have practiced more.... REALLY should have practiced more, but it was just one of those days. I needed that bit of time off. Back to work tomorrow!!!

    Hope you all are well. <3. Q&A video coming soon.

    I can officially not stop listening to this song. sdlkhklskdf. So good.

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    1. ToniM76 77 months ago | reply

      really nice shot.. great job!

    2. Mckenzie Walters 77 months ago | reply

      Nice bit of bokeh

    3. Molleigh Ann 77 months ago | reply

      ahh this is really lovely.

    4. mistyfield84 [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

      Stunning! Love this shot.

    5. Kevin Ho 車 Photography 77 months ago | reply

      coldplay! great photography :)

    6. magnusl67 77 months ago | reply

      really great

    7. BriannaJayde Photography 77 months ago | reply

      gorgeous indeed! gotta hate photogenic people :P

    8. John Kocijanski 77 months ago | reply

      Great portrair and bokeh.



    9. Sienna62 77 months ago | reply

      love your creativity
      Thank you for sharing in:

      Seen in the group"Softly Spoken (Admin Moderated)" ( ?² )

    10. the air we breathe. 77 months ago | reply

      Oh my goodness! I adore this! So creative and just, woah! <3

    11. Warphobbler-Kaz 77 months ago | reply

      Fabulously beautiful in every respect. Kaz

    12. ClareEliza 77 months ago | reply


      I saw this at

      **2011 in Photos** A 365 day Project

    13. David Schauf 77 months ago | reply

      cool effect with the bokeh in this

    14. Kristy Dankova 77 months ago | reply

      this is cool. you did great job on that! and oh, i LOVE that song.

    15. arealgem 77 months ago | reply

      thanks for sharing love it

    16. celline1130 77 months ago | reply

      Yayyyyy, Q&A vid! Expect tons of questions from me, hehe. Most of them completely random and will definitely baffle you. I'm that weird. And creepy.
      And I love the soft focus very much.

    17. theindielife 76 months ago | reply

      oh the overlay is greatt! so pretty

    18. pacificglow07 75 months ago | reply

      Seriously that song was in my head as I found this photo! I LOVE this photo and can relate. My friends don't like it when I'm trying to get candid photos either, but sometimes they can really be amazing.

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