Collision between two engines, Bay of Quinte Railway, ON, 1892

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Collision between two engines, Bay of Quinte Railway, ON, 1892
Anonyme - Anonymous
1892, 19th century
Notman photographic Archives - McCord Museum

Collision entre deux locomotives, Compagnie du chemin de fer de la baie de Quinte, Ont., 1892
Anonyme - Anonymous
1892, 19e siècle
Archives photographiques Notman - Musée McCord

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  1. Alex Hoxie 31 months ago | reply

    this is insane

  2. victor98_2001 30 months ago | reply

    excellent shot

  3. web media kowalke 27 months ago | reply

    Einfach mal anders ;)

  4. excellentzebu1050 27 months ago | reply


  5. Ruby Lace 27 months ago | reply

    Obviously, they were allowed to 'double park' back in those days. They would not get away with it now.

  6. slow_books 23 months ago | reply

    Don't derail

  7. Jojo (…) 22 months ago | reply

    Luckily there was an iPhone ready to take the picture. But darn! no reception!

  8. The.Truth.Is.Out.There [deleted] 22 months ago | reply

    Lass weak I cun't even spel enguneer, this weak I R one ! [ ; > ))

  9. Canon50D/5DMK3Cameras 22 months ago | reply

    Nine times out of ten you will be driving by an accident and see the cars involved and the way they are facing and say to your self or your wife how the #### did that car get over there.? One hell of a shot, but l don't think l would be standing where that guy is standing.

  10. Felonious Feline 22 months ago | reply

    I really hate when that happens.

  11. Nomad Backwoodsman 20 months ago | reply

    Occasionally you see something that really should not be there, like the idiot I almost ran into doing a "three point turn" on a motorway (Freeway in the US?). Your mind actually blocks out the illogicality of the sight and then reality hits! May have happened here? Either way that's going to be a heck of a deduction from the driver's wages!

  12. jamica1 18 months ago | reply

    What a great photo

  13. swordscookie on tour in Iceland 17 months ago | reply

    Ouch, that was painful! Great shot though.

  14. Ace31_2010 17 months ago | reply

    Very interesting.

  15. Scumbag*College 16 months ago | reply

    You wait all day for a train, then two come along at once!

  16. 15 months ago | reply

    Don't frighten me......fantastic.

  17. Bainzee 12 months ago | reply

    Damn Blast that Sat Nav

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