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    Galaxy Squad

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    1. ben the lucario 29 months ago | reply

      that set looks epic.
      i'm guessing that that purple pod is to hold captive spacemen

    2. halfpenguinhalflego 29 months ago | reply

      Oh yes! Insectoids is making a comeback! :D

    3. Big Green Sea Monster 29 months ago | reply

      Alien Conquest with wings!

    4. Joel.Baker 29 months ago | reply

      My first thought too. *high five*

    5. lights 29 months ago | reply

      Murph, you're famous on the lego internets today

    6. Gregorovich9 29 months ago | reply

      They look to have newly moulded heads, with the antennas from that bug character from Toy Story and the wings from Spider-Man's Beetle. I'm glad they're reusing moulds on these, I hate it when moulds only get used once and in one colour.

      The set looks pretty well designed as far as I can tell. I hope the rest are as good, and I can't wait to see the human vehicles.

    7. Agent WHO 29 months ago | reply

      bugs in space ships, I'm happy.

    8. peterlmorris 29 months ago | reply

      Oh wow that insect ship looks freakin' sweet! I wonder if Polywen had anything to do with these.

    9. Agent WHO 29 months ago | reply

      He sure did have something to do with them...

    10. murphquake 29 months ago | reply

      and so is my bedroom wall =-) all these pics were taken with the magazine propped up against the wall on my bed lol... i guess my kitchen table needed a break...

      I think the purple pods are an energy source/collector or part of a weapon... they're too shiny and cool to just be a jail =-)

    11. Svenstead 29 months ago | reply

      He is pretty accurate? :)

    12. murphquake 28 months ago | reply

      i guess i was wrong about the purple pods... i'll live, they're a sweet part

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