the dead eye opened

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    Two lorikeets struck powerlines near our house and fell onto the road. I picked this one up and kept it warm, but it suddenly fell over and died. The dead eyes opened.
    "Edgar Lustgarten reading from "Death on the Crumbles (1924)", from the BBC Radio show _Scales of Justice_:) "By strange coincidence, a thunderstorm had been brewing when Mahon, doing his grisly work at the bungalow, was dealing with the most grisly job of all--the head, the woman's head. He had severed it from the trunk, built a huge fire in the sitting room, placed her head upon it, then (I owe a debt here to Edgar Wallace, who edited the transcript of the Mahon trial), then the storm broke with a violent flash of lightning and an appalling crash of thunder. As the head of Emily Kaye lay upon the coals, the dead eyes opened, and Mahon fled out to the deserted shore. When he nerved himself to return, the fire had done its work. The head was never found..."

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    1. Sprengben [why not get a friend] 36 months ago | reply

      So good to see this photo, it really deserves Explore!
      Have a blessed Monday!

    2. Murfomurf 36 months ago | reply

      Wow- thanks @Derek_Custer & @Sprengben[why not get a friend] for spotting that this pic had entered Explore! I had given up hope that anything of mine would ever get there again! It's only recently I've started looking at photos on Explore again after ages not caring about much at all.

    3. johnshlau 36 months ago | reply

      This is a wonderful shot...........congratulations on today's Explore, my friend!

    4. la india del cibao 36 months ago | reply

      I saw this beautiful photo on Explore !
      April 8th, 2012

      Via Today's Explore at #400 on Fluidr

    5. Ryan Courson 36 months ago | reply

      Very interesting image!

    6. DirkVandeVelde (very busy) 36 months ago | reply

      Outstanding picture !!!
      Congratulations on Explore !!

    7. Toula Bu- [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      beautiful , lovely shot!

    8. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ [deleted] 36 months ago | reply


    9. Lion Mare 36 months ago | reply

      nice capture

    10. Eyackowsky 36 months ago | reply

      Incredible and such an intense expression!

    11. vivienne_strauss 36 months ago | reply

      I always hesitate favoriting something dead but this is lovely just the same. Sad can equal beautiful sometimes.

    12. BlueisCoool 36 months ago | reply

      Very nice work - congrats on being explored !

    13. labukuning 36 months ago | reply

      very impressive!

    14. ● SandroG 35 months ago | reply

      great shots on your stream

      I saw this photo in Blue Ribbon Photography. You deserve another Blue Ribbon!
      Blue Ribbon Photography (Invited Photos ONLY)
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