Pastel Deaths
I’ve lost a very close friend three years ago. I couldn’t get out of my head the image of her body covered with newspapers. While I was trying to get rid of this image, I realized that the image of her alive was fading away as well. Her last photograph shouldn’t have been like that. Or I shouldn’t have seen that photograph.
I started to think about death. I tried to make into a project how it would positively affect me to remember the deceased in the future from visual, perceptive and emotional points of view.
This project is actually about what the deceased leave behind, how the ones left behind remember them or want to remember them more than those who pass away. With the naïve frames I will try to create, it’s about how my subconscious processes them, about the reality we know and how we try to forget what happens after death.
By humanizing deceased animals and showing them as if they were sleeping, I tried to briefly touch death and create a series of photographs about pushing away the feeling of disappearing before it hits us hard in the face.
I’m seriously not sure if this is an escape or an acceptance for me. All I know is that the photographs have a positive effect on me.
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