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Darkroom, done very cheaply

Since I started shooting Large Format film this summer, I've had it in my head that I'd get into shooting black and white film eventually, and even develop it myself. Large format is great, but when a sheet of Velvia is $3, and processing that sheet is $2-$5 it feels tough to get through the 'experimenting' stage because every shot feels like it needs to really count.


Black and White is much cheaper to shoot, and can 'easily' be developed at home. So, I took the plunge. I was introduced to developing black and white prints back in the 6th grade, and I learned to develop film in the 8th - sadly I hadn't had another chance since then.


So, starting this weekend I began in earnest to put an absolute bare-bones darkroom together using the only available space in the apartment - the 1/2 bath.


I'll add some notes as to what everything is, but I'm pleased to say that the negatives actually appear to have developed fine! They're drying now and I'll probably work at scanning them in the new year. Optical enlargements will have to wait until I either have room for a proper darkroom with a 4x5 enlarger, or access to one.


One step at a time...

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Taken on December 15, 2008