Weather station
Meteorological observations in Mukhrino were started in 2008. The primary goal of the weather station in Mukhrino is to record climatic parameters of local ecosystems: mainly raised bog and less - coniferous forests. The measured parameters include: air temperature, soil profile temperature, soil humidity and heat flux, precipitation, wind speed and direction, PAR and solar radiation balance and others. Major part of the equipment located in the bog (nearby the boardwalk): there is an automatic complex that includes bulk of the devices and a number of separately located sensors in distant parts of the bog.
The beginning and duration of different parameters measurements differs, as they were launched during different projects by the station or visiting research projects. The station staff assumes the responsibility to maintain the equipment, to make basic preprocessing of the data and to deposit the data online. Temporary storage of the data is:
This album collects pictures of equipment and some associated shots.
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