Mukhrino: experimental polygon and boardwalks
The research polygon of Mukhrino station located in the peatland 1 km from the house.

It has boardwalks (wooden paths) with the total length about 1.5 km. The alternative energy complex (wind generator and solar panels) located in the central part of the polygon.

The micro-meteorological equipment includes Eddy covariance system for measurements of CO2 and CH4 fluxes and the complex of related loggers for measurements of climatic parameters. See also an album "Mukhrino meteo equipment" in this collection.

Mukhrino bog boardwalks serve for easy and comfortable access to representative types of bog communities for conducting different research in ecology, hydrology, and other disciplines. The polygon also serves for public excursions for demonstration of principles of peatland science. Alt energy complex is a special item of demonstrations.
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