Laboratories and hotel in Shapsha village
The building complex in Shapsha village includes three laboratories, a library room, a conference room, a kitchen, and separately the hotel block for hosting about 30 person. The laboratories are working place of three permanent employees and serve for accommodation of visiting researchers and for student work.
The hotel block has 10 rooms for accommodation of 2-6 person per room and a common dressing room.

The laboratories include:
1. Laboratory of fungal diversity (collection of fungi, microscopic appliances).
2. Laboratory of GIS.
3. Laboratory of gas chromatography (Gas-analyzer, CNH-analyzer, balances, drying ovens).

Shapsha village is located at the high bank of Ob floodplain, 30 km to the East from Khanty-Mansiysk by the road (30 minute drive from the town). The village population is about 500 person, it has a school, several grocery stores, etc. The village is surrounded by dark coniferous (Pinus sibirica dominates) forest, Ob floodplain begins to its North, and a raised bog is located 3 km to the South. As such, Shapsha station is good place for visiting by the researchers interested in studying of local ecosystems.
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