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my first 6-by-9'er | by mugley
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my first 6-by-9'er

Everyone remembers their first 6x9, right?


Been shooting a fair bit of 645 and a little 6x6 lately. Liking the big negs a lot, but 3:2 is so much nicer than square or 4:3 as an aspect ratio. So I got me an Agfa Clack to try out 6x9 - partly because it's cheap and portable, and partly because I have this thing for small 120 cameras from the 50s and 60s.


So this is the first frame I've shot on it. Impressions so far... the lens is wider than I thought. Was expecting a standard length, but it looks more like the equivalent of 35mm on 135, or 24mm on cropped digital. The sharpness wouldn't be acceptable to those rich blokes who hang out in the Canon/Nikon DSLR groups talking about expensive lenses instead of taking photos, but I'm sure a big print would look pretty good. Especially since the original 3200dpi scan is about 74 megapixels.


It's a bit flarey, and those streaky ghosty thingies on the right are kind of interesting. Was thinking the overall look of the photos would be similar to those from the Bencini, but it reminds me more of the night stuff I was doing with the Yashica-Mat a while back.


So, anyone got any recommendations for a good cheap view camera with a 6x9 back?

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Taken on May 13, 2009