Prior to starting my career in web development I was an independent studio artist, making and selling art pottery and sculpture. Here is a small selection of the sculptures I've made. They are mostly slab-built.
Many of the sculptures shown here were fired in the Spring Valley Anagama kiln which I had a major role in building and continue to fire with a community of potters.
These types of kilns have been fired traditionally for thousands of years, being fired only with wood. The ash in the high temperature kiln creates beautiful and natural effects on the clay body. The results are exquisite with great depth and variation. I fell in love with this firing style the first time I experienced it, and felt my work needed it to meet its full potential. I was fortunate to be able to partner with like-minded people to build an anagama kiln. It was a huge project to design and build, and is a huge effort to fire each time, but well worth it.
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