Fire Spinning & Tech Fans
OK, I will admit I am a firebug. I think that's an element that drew me to ceramics, the glowing hot kiln. I somehow stumbled into fire spinning – some call it fire dancing. It is amazingly beautiful to watch, and to do it yourself is transformative. It is essentially juggling/object manipulation but with the object on fire (after you've practiced with it of course). It challenges my physical skills and engages my creativity. Typical spins are not choreographed; they are improvisational. My strongest affinity is for fire staff and fire fans, particularly “tech fans” which can be spun, tossed and manipulated in a very dynamic way. I have taught workshops on fire fans at several regional events. I also designed and created practice fire fans that are used by many spinners including a few who perform professionally. I'm not interested in performing professionally myself (though I have performed as a favor, at the request of friends). I do it for fun.
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