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I contacted the guys over at the OpenEmu project this last month. They have been doing some great things with video game emulation on the Mac. (check them out here:

When I come across an OpenSource project that interests me, that might need my area of expertise, (what expertise?) I like to reach out and see if there might be something I can do.

I sort of talked about my dissapointment with emulation software with the OpenEmu guys on IRC. I feel the reason better emulation frontend or interfaces are not being produced is because it is about hardcore geeky developers aiming their projects at computer literate gamer geeks without regard to some of the principles that make for good software. Or those that would appeal to the average user. (as always my angle is from UI/UX)

In my experience in software design, be it OpenSource or at a commercial level, one thing has struck true...most developers hate UI design. In the emulation world, where the 'end users' are a high proportion of geeks themselves they almost don't know any better or are knowledgable enough to accept a poor level of presentation and UX. That cycle needs to be broken.

I felt a simple to use platform needs to be setup. I imagined a larger single application that organised my games and with a single click, launch and play. Essentially, It should treat these emulator project(s) as a plugin or part of a larger application (which is exactly what OpenEmu does and why I was attracted to it) and put ease of use before the geeky entities that are awkward to get into and use for potential average enthusiasts.

It would change a lot of things and setup an iTunes like environment / app, rather than lots of different apps for lots of different ROMs (games) with lots of different settings and lots of different folders and OCD levels of preferences...

Instead, one app to rule them all in a simple way, with game library organisation, metadata tagging and launching all wrapped in something appealing to look at and easy to use.

This is the beginning of that journey...

OpenEmu - Work In Progress

OpenEmu - Work In Progress

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OpenEmu - Build Progress

OpenEmu - Build Progress

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