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Blinky 'The Nerd' - Application Icon v2 | by Mucx
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Blinky 'The Nerd' - Application Icon v2

Girls think he is cute, guys want to kill him and Pacman wants to power pill his ass. Blinky is a little red throbbing sex god of geekiness! :p


The story of Blinky the Nerd goes something like this...


I did the first version of the icon for Johnny and the MAME Library application. People liked the UI. In the emulation world, Mac people liked how a developer could attract a designer to do some decent work for them and it stood out among the other geeky developer driven UI's and art work.


Thing is, I had such good fun doing this and I liked the little Blinky character I made. So, I had an idea for a solo personal project when seeing Johnny himself.


You see Johnny wore those trendy thick glasses which were stylish at the time and still are. I had an 'ah-hah!' moment and thought why not put a pair on Blinky?


So, I thought, this guy, Blinky, he is a game geek and is looking after a library of games. He needs a pair of glasses, it fits his general personality and the app itself. I thought, if Adium can use some stupid duck, then why cant we use the ghost from Pacman and nerd him up a little?...


I did this more for myself. I had and still do have some ideas of dressing him up in different little hats and all sorts of things but, for this one. I wanted to do something simple and put a pair of 'nerd' glasses on him along with some tape in the middle. Classic cliched nerd.


I also wanted to do a illustration of him and set him in his world of Pacman (you can see that poster elsewhere in the set).


I showed this to Johnny, he went nuts over it. Girls swooned and declared him the cutest thing ever. Johhny now has an A1 poster of this in the design studio he works at as he liked it that much.


Someday when MAME Library gets updated. This guy will get included.

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Uploaded on December 11, 2009