2020 MU In Real Live Thursdays #6: Stoneorgy x Deepsoil
16 July 2020, Jasper Griepink in MU Hybrid Art House

Enter the virtual grove of Jasper Griepink who transformed MU into a digital forest for a one-night story telling experience of the tale D E E P S O I L, supported and interspersed by his recent music project S T O N E O R G Y, for which he collaborated with musician Giek_1.

As a hybrid between a nature priest and a sassy musician, Griepink will guide us on a collective world building journey in which our feeling, imagination, breath and attentive ears will help generate the reality; expect dancing, jumping, sounds and singing – and of course, listening to the cascading narrative of the world in the middle of being created.

Photography: Hanneke Wetzer
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