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Paradise At The End Of A Stormy Day (Explored at #8 on 3/23/12))

For the past several weeks, my normal routine has been very disrupted as not one but several storms have cleared out of our area during the late afternoon hours. This means that instead of heading straight home, I had to drive over to the resort after a long day at work to see if I could get some clouds in the sky during golden hour as these storms clear out. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that California storms are like crack to me, and if a storm looks like it could be clearing out, I have a VERY hard time staying home when I COULD be shooting at one of the parks or South Orange County Beaches. I just read a post this morning from flickr user Neil Kremer who is feeling the same pressure. In a few weeks, the storms will completely disappear for upwards of 6 months. We could easily not see another drop of rain until November. So when these opportunities arise, you will typically find me out there with an umbrella waiting for the storm to break up because who KNOWS when I'll get another chance.


In the mean time, the forecast for this Sunday calls for an 80 percent chance of rain. Guess where I'll be late Sunday afternoon?


(Explored at #8 on 3/23/12. Thanks for the views, comments and faves! :) )

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Taken on January 23, 2012