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Deep Space 50 - Dragon Nebula (AKA Chinatown Roast Duck Flying Crane Nebula) | by mtnrockdhh
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Deep Space 50 - Dragon Nebula (AKA Chinatown Roast Duck Flying Crane Nebula)

Cruising an active galaxy with many star-forming regions in the Abell 2029 galaxy supercluster, the Hullbull RST captures an image of new massive hot blue stars forming in a still expanding supernova remnant of what must have been an extremely massive star, or possibly an area of past chain-reaction supernovae. This image combines spectral data from the infrared sensors (red), and light gathered through the variable density filter delivered by the starChaser. Colored in one of the many Hullbull palettes, the orange/yellow areas of the nebula represent sulfur, green represents ionized oxygen, and blue represents hydrogen.


Not a real space image. Light art.


Composite of two unaltered images. One image using Waterworld technique/100mm lens to create nebula patterns (source light is dry grass, green shrubs, yellow building wall with large orange and red border in bright daylight, and a hand-held black matte background). Second long exposure designed and implmented based on Waterworld image geometry, 100mm lens (base layer/EXIF data) to create stars; two partially masked "burns" to create segregated star color patterns using water droplet technique and red, white, yellow colored LEDs; cover/recompose, create larger stars using blue LEDs. Didn't quite get many of the perimeter blue stars where I wanted them. Close, but no Cee-garrr. Damn.

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Taken on July 29, 2011