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Midnight snacking...Nigella Lawson style...

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Nigella (english cooking phenomenom) always nips to the fridge for a snack at the end of her shows...so, what will it be? Cheese, Beer, Chocolate... I chose the apple in the end, it's how I keep my girlish figure!

Strobist Info: Sb-28 with lambency diffuser on 1/32 inside fridge + tiny fridge light! 1/320 sec and aperture of f/9 to lose ambient. I tried to get the feel of the cold fridge light in the middle of the night. Poverty trigger. 5 second timer, and lucky apple toss as I got it first time!

Mildly gutted to find that what i thought was a moment of inspiration has already been done many times (at least 50), and far better on the strobist group already. Darn, gotta think harder. Nothin' new under the sun? Except....

  1. Steve Chick 74 months ago | reply

    Look, I've already used my one and only Nigella joke so stop it! Nice capture though :-)

  2. stuad70 74 months ago | reply

    Try again with a bottle of R Whites Lemonade.

    I didn't notice the apple at first. I hope you bounced it from the inside of your elbow first ?

    Since our meet up I have been experimenting in a dark kitchen aswell much to the bemusement of the neighbours..

    Nice idea..

    Needs a light behind the apple though.

    Just my opinion..

  3. r c hill photography 74 months ago | reply

    Nice one. Good to see you starting to try things out. My suggestion for improvement would be to have a snooted flash from camera left aimed at your face.
    Seen in your Strobist set. (?)

  4. myDefinition 74 months ago | reply

    Mr C, I know what you mean, my other flashes are cheapo 283's that dont work with my V2 triggers. they are going back on ebay soon! I may be going down the CLS/Radiopoppers route this summer funds permitting.

  5. Dinnovation 74 months ago | reply

    Excellent work!! That is so cool, (and not just because the fridge is open ) :-)

  6. mrsmeep 74 months ago | reply

    black silk dressing gown seems to be a requirement for old nigella..

  7. mrsmeep 74 months ago | reply

    and I don't know what snooted or radiopopper mean, but I like them.

  8. myDefinition 74 months ago | reply

    ooer Lydia. I did contemplate doing this topless but I didn't want to stereotype myself and do nothing but glamour and page 3 for the next 10 years before botox and bitterness sets in....

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