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Ferin Forman

Ferin Forman Ferin Forman 2 Weathered Cross Jami Jolene Sherman Jami Jolene Sherman 2 Mathew Guthrie Mathew Guthrie  2 Billy 2 Billy Billy 3 Billy 4 Billy 5 Billy 6 Billy 7 PA150352b P5064746b P1010120a P2054309a P2054307a P2245711a

The memorials depicted in these photos are testament to the undying love of family and friends for those who were lost. They are respectfully posted here as a tribute to both the memorialized and the families and friends who created and maintain them.

Please drive safely.

Link to Roadside Memorials Set 1

Link to Roadside Memorials Set 2

Link to Roadside Memorials Set 3

Link to Roadside Memorials Set 4

Link to Roadside Memorials Set 5

Link to Roadside Memorials Set 6

Photos Copyright 2006-2013 Terry Cook
All rights reserved.

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Jean Albus says:

Hi, great set of memorial shots. I love these shrines and I have a huge amount of photos of the ones in Carbon county around Red Lodge where I live. I've always contemplated a book that's a collection of these. Not only are they shrines to a loved one or loved ones, they are like a kind of folk art. You have a collection of great shots here.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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mighty grand poova says:

very cool subject i never really thought of...keep up the good work.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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runran says:

This is a remarakable collection of images and important as a cultural documentary project. I spent many years photgraphing prairie cemeteries and wrote a book on the subject. Your images deserve a book or a proper exhibition.


Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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Zzzzt!Zzzzt! says:

A truly stunning set of memorial images, wonderful work and a respectful tribute indeed. This must have taken quite a while and I applaud your dedication and focus. (I do wish each indicated where they were, it would help even more, I think). Thank you for posting these. I hope all who see them are moved and inspired to drive more safely. It is obviously dangerous out there and here's the evidence.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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ken_dozo says:

remarkable dedication to an image series. Very Fine.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

uncovered frame [deleted] says:

I sincerely hope that your efforts lead to at least one person thinking twice before pressing the pedal all the way to the metal. I have tagged my shots with the names of the local high school, where the students had graduated the previous year, in hopes of uppoing awareness during searches for other items.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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