Demolished iPhone5

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    Well, just after two weeks of having my new expensive iPhone5, the unthinkable happens! While at work, one of my employees accidentally ran over my phone with a forklift (phone had just fallen out of my pocket). I nearly cried! It has since been replaced but loosing my phone was like loosing a part of me; sad I know! Siri did keep my phone active as I was using it to send messages.

    I am probably one of the first people to demolish an iphone5 but that's okay. Thanks to AppleCare, it's all yesterday's news now. I am extremely happy with the service at Apple and can see why people are so loyal!

    Anywho, I thought I would share my awful ordeal and would not wish this upon anyone!

    Have a great week everyone and remember, keep your phone secure!!!!

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    1. Spanish Coches 77 months ago | reply

      Ouch bugger.. That must have hurt, but at least you got a replacement though.

    2. CapitalgCapitals 77 months ago | reply

      It keeps its iphone in its pocket, or it pays the dollars...!! :-)

    3. Bobbo1979 77 months ago | reply

      ouch. hope all is well now.

    4. AshtonPal 77 months ago | reply

      Not sure if I should favourite your photo because it's a cool shot or to show that I'm glad you got it replaced. Good news though and I have to ask, does Siri finally work in Canada now? You should join Instagram =p... iPhone nation!

    5. MSVG 77 months ago | reply

      And yes Siri does work in Canada now :)!

    6. michaelTO 77 months ago | reply

      Ouch -- it looks like a painful accident. Glad you got it replaced. Apple service is top-notch.

    7. Kim Yokota 77 months ago | reply

      Yeah, that would make me cry : (

    8. aimeeern 77 months ago | reply

      oh oh! glad you were able to get a replacement!

    9. Miggy Mc. 77 months ago | reply

      ohhh noooo baby iphone5. but glad to know that u had a new one :)_

    10. jesse jae 77 months ago | reply

      I wouldn't mine somebody running over my Motorola titanium....

      So I can have an excuse to get me an iPhone =)

    11. unbiased cars [deleted] 77 months ago | reply


    12. R&M❤! 77 months ago | reply

      I want iphone 5

    13. Tomitheos 76 months ago | reply

      you should get the new 'case' just for iphones from, you insert the iphone in the case and it bypasses the iphone camera with a better one that has interchangeable lenses:

    14. Nick's-CX 75 months ago | reply

      i just bought one...

    15. mrohjamesness 75 months ago | reply

      Aw man! I know that feeling! I broke my 4S when it fell out of my shirt pocket and fell down some stairs. When You said "I nearly cried" I had flash backs! Haha! I'm glad Apple Care did work! Mine was a blessing in disguise as I now have a yellow iPhone. :)

    16. IanLudwig 74 months ago | reply

      Ouch! I love mine and this would ruin my day for sure.

    17. R50 BPS 73 months ago | reply

      I have had my white iPhone 4 since Sep '11 and it's great, although a little slow, which is why I want August to hurry up so I can upgrade!

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