• Too bad they don't speak English :-) - otro_mun2
  • wow... i had not noticed this, and did not know...
    i'm not laughing now. - qrksp3 (away)

It's Tax Time!

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It's a good thing I arrived when I did because after I arrived it got crammed full of people.

  1. Scorpocat 49 months ago | reply

    Everyone's anxious to pay their taxes ... such good citizens! Or was this the last day before the fines started accruing?

  2. MSVG 49 months ago | reply

    We still have until the end of April.

  3. qrksp3 (away) [deleted] 49 months ago | reply


  4. aimeeern 49 months ago | reply

    ick! Mine are done but I still need to get the state ones mailed off. I keep forgetting. I think I'll get those into the mailbox right now. Thanks for the reminder

  5. jesse jae 49 months ago | reply

    Done mine earlier in Feb. and getting a tax refund, thanks to President Obama's "Make Your Work Pay" insentive =D

  6. Kim Yokota 49 months ago | reply

    Hope you're getting something back.

  7. MSVG 49 months ago | reply

    Yes I am :)!

  8. AshtonPal 49 months ago | reply

    I guess you're out of luck if you expect service in English.

  9. Latvian98 49 months ago | reply

    What the...?

  10. Latvian98 49 months ago | reply

    Just surprised to see the HRB in your shots! Good choice! Tax season is normally till April 15th, but this year we are extended until the 18th since Washington D.C. celebrated Emancipation Day on Friday the 15th. If the government is on holiday in D.C., then the government must allow for an extension for all of us!

  11. Chris - Tech Geek (On facebook too much) 49 months ago | reply

    Next time Choose Allen!!!! Best HRB office manager!

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