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Toronto Winter Maintenance Budget

I was running some errands and I passed by one of Toronto's Snow cleaning machines when a thought came to mind.


Toronto has a yearly maintenance budget $65 million. I know that in the past many years, we haven't had much of a winter in terms of snow... They only spend 1/5th of that budget on snow removal and winter maintenance.


So what does Toronto do with the unspent balance of the winter maintenance budget. They clearly don't spend it on the roads as they all look like crap. They only time they do fix the roads is when elections are coming up....


They don't spend it on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) as I think it's privately owned (i think).


Hmm... Torontorians... does it not make you wonder?


You always hear facts that are leaked of the government and city councilors that have insane budgets. Such as spending $10, 000 on a dinner party or having allowances to spend on the stupidest and most careless things!


Every year they add all these new taxes; it's insane! They've added that $60 vehicle-registration tax every year for when you renew your plates. Us Torontorians pay a yearly garbage and recycling bin rental fee (and we can't even buy it). They have even risen the prices for 2011!


Garbage Bins Yearly Fee (2010 vs 2011)


2010 -- $10 credit | 2011 -- $4.03 credit


2010 -- $39 | 2011 -- $46.44


2010 -- $133 | 2011 -- $143.26

Extra Large

2010 -- $190 | 2011 -- $201.97


Property taxes went up. Don't forget last year's HST tax. All utility bills have risen. Gas prices are on a price hike.


I am starting to become fed up!


Toronto's Councilors? Screw you!

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Taken on January 8, 2011