Barack Obama's House - Kenwood - Chicago

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    This is Pres. Obama's house, now protected by the U.S. Secret Service, but not when this was taken on April 15, 2007. (Our tour of the Kenwood neighborhood actually began on the sidewalk in front of the house so we could get a better look at the synagogue across the street. ) Im sure you can't park your mini-Cooper there today!

    I had predicted that the Obamas were likely to sell this place after moving to Washington. The president initially said that he expected to visit home about ever six weeks or so. This place is nice, but I guess it's nothing compared to Camp David. I still say they's not like they are ever going to return to Chicago to live...

    The lot on the left is the subject of the "Rezko" deal. Tony Rezko bought the lot for the asking price, and the Obamas got $300,000 off the asking price. Rezko was recently found guilty of "influence peddling" related charges in the federal court in Chicago. Obama was able to successfully disassociate himself from Mr. Rezko, so that this house deal never became much of an issue. Rezko was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison:

    Once Barack became the Democrat nominee, the Secret Service substantially tightened security on the street, and even more once he was elected president.

    UPDATE: Does this look familiar? Maybe you've seen this in a John McCain commercial? Me too!

    Wanna see the neighborhood? Check out this group of other photos from my Kenwood tour:

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    1. Fromageball 64 months ago | reply

      Beautiful house! and to the complainers: hopefully you realize that Barack has also written some books, and Michelle was a high-powered lawyer, they have both worked very hard, I don't think they need to apologize to anyone for their successes.

    2. GO_TO_2040 63 months ago | reply

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    3. conimarie1961 63 months ago | reply

      What a nice photo of President Obama's home!!! Wow, those who oppose him sure love looking at photo's of his beautiful home!!!

    4. Gavin Sullivan 59 months ago | reply

      I saw Obama's house earlier today, and there is a very strong security presence. Nobody is allowed to drive or walk on the street in front of the house, but due to the house's location on a corner you still can see it from the side.

    5. Oteah-bull 59 months ago | reply

      OBAMA and his wife deserve this beautiful house. I just wish they would have stayed there. He will mess this country up so bad It may never come out of it. HE IS A SOCIALIST. If he appoints one more Czar I will puke.

    6. tim-johnson 59 months ago | reply

      I have already puked...

    7. astouka 58 months ago | reply

      une très belle maison. Jaimerais jeter un coup d'oeil à l'intérieur
      est ce possible ?

    8. Mark 2400 58 months ago | reply

      Google translation of the above comment:

      a beautiful home. I would like to take a look within
      is it possible

    9. Mark 2400 52 months ago | reply

      From the Tribune:

      Shortly after the inauguration last January, the Obama family returned to their Kenwood home for a long Valentine's weekend. The family hasn't been back since, though the president returned to Chicago in June to speak at a medical conference and in July for a political fundraiser. On neither occasion did he stay the night.

    10. chez.petrus 49 months ago | reply

      He actually stayed in his house overnight - twice after he got elected and moved to the White house, contrary to what you said. In February, they dined at Table 52 in Hyde Park and in June, he stayed maybe to look into a water leak from a third floor bathroom pipe that leaked all the way down to the first floor. This is an inside story of course!

    11. Cragin Spring 42 months ago | reply

      Nice photo, nice history.

    12. tracy smith2 36 months ago | reply

      NIce shot.i think Pres.Obama and his family will no longer stay on that house anymore.But maybe he sometimes come to visit because as what they've said there no good place than home.
      I wish i could visit that place if given a change im from apts california

    13. smaginnis11565 34 months ago | reply

      I'm glad we have an urban President who appreciates the value of city life. To think that one day this will become the Barack Obama National Historic Site! :-)

    14. mitchellbrown228 30 months ago | reply

      Mark2400, be a better lawyer, or write a best-selling book. I have a feeling that had not Obama written the book that sold millions of copies he wouldn't be living in this nice house. I do love how folks never stop hurling the epithet of "socialist" at this president. Hmmmm. Let see...he kept Sec. Def. Robert Gates, Republican't - never (Read: NEVER) has this happened before that a president of a differing party has maintained a Secretary of Defense from another party. (begin intellectual calisthenics to "explain" this one) He's maintained Robert Mueller, a Republican't appointee that most observers agree is a fine public servant. He appointed Ray LaHood, a Republican't to the post of Secretary of Transportation. He appointed John Huntsman, Republican't as ambassador to China (Read: CHINA! - a major player, not New Zealand or Lichtenstein) so it wasn't to get him out of the way. Yep. It sure looks to me and any rational observer Obama is a rabid partisan political hack...and probably a Socialist to boot (to say nothing of Mooslim pretender from Kenya. Or is it Indonesia? My tin foil hat is cutting off the blood flow to my head.

    15. robspost 24 months ago | reply

      "bambieyes6 (43 months ago | reply)
      Brianfredock, Barack has openly talked about his meager beginnings as a child being raised by a single mother on welfare. He knows sacrifice first hand and no matter how rich he is now he still exudes the humility and character instilled in him as a child. Just because you have a fine house with cars to match it doesn't mean you don't notice the house with the roof caving in or the long lines at a soup kitchen. McCain on the other hand can't relate to anyone who isn't in his immediate circle and that's just plain sad if you ask me."

      That's not the only thing that is just plain sad, I'm sorry but your politicisation of this photo website is nothing short of pathetic! That is complete patently false information about how President Obama came up and if that's in fact what you heard him say then he was not telling the truth.

    16. TheBlackRabbit 23 months ago | reply

      Very nice. I love brick homes.

    17. dprasad_001 22 months ago | reply

      amaging house i love it realy one day i meet barak obama in his house god bles y nd tc..... thanks & regards dwarika prasad india +91 09675827877

    18. wilmaobama 18 months ago | reply

      WOW what a nice house. What a beautiful house you have. Barck can I have this house? I'd like to see the inside of it. I want a personal tour. Is it paid for yet? Am I asking too many questions?

    19. wilmaobama 18 months ago | reply

      I'm gonna stay in your house since I don't have one. I don't have a job, housing, health insurence, nothing. I been writing you about this problem for four years now. I don't have a place to stay so I'm staying in yours. This some bull .

    20. smaginnis11565 18 months ago | reply

      Wilma, did you get to stay in George Bush, Sr.'s hotel room in Houston in the eighties? You know, the address he claimed as his residence when he was first Vice President, then President? :-D

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