Snowdon Railway History
I'm trying to get some information together about my ancestors and their role in railways in the north-east of England (and perhaps elsewhere for all I know!)

The NE of England was the cradle of the railways with the Stockton and Darlington railway being the first permanent public railway. The Snowdons originated to my knowledge from that part of England and we have records of various ancestors.

My great grandfather, William Snowdon, was Station Master at Cayton south of Scarborough from 1894 to 1913 and had previously worked as signalman at the High Junction signal box, Northallerton, and later at the North-lane signal box, York.

His son, Thomas Snowdon was Assistant Yard Master, N.E.R. Co. York and another son and my grandfather, Robert Henry was, in 1914, an employee of N.E.R. Company's Goods Department in Scarborough. I think he went on to become Station Master at Chester-le-Street near Gateshead.

I am unsure of the location of some of these photos and would welcome comments and information.
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