• apple juice
  • peaches, pineapple & blueberries
  • caramel rice cakes
  • strawberry newtons
  • Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese spread
  • whole grain Ritz crackers
  • ham, cheese and grape tomato kabobs
  • strawberry Pocky...mmm Pocky!
  • good ol' applesauce for snack time


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Day 13

  1. fmohsin 92 months ago

    A royal lunch. The kabobs look really nice!

  2. mslil65 92 months ago

    He said he liked the lunch, but he barely ate the kabobs. I think the Pocky was too tempting! LOL!

  3. atasteabove 60 months ago

    These lunches are awesome! Does he only have one snack a day? And what does he drink with it? My son has 2 snacks a day and I have to supply drinks with snack and lunch. So that is 3 drinks a day. No way will it all fit in his lunchbox. :o(

  4. BlueisCoool 38 months ago

    I would not mind having this for my lunch - nice work.

  5. mslil65 38 months ago

    Thank you! I often wish someone would pack me a lunch like this. ;)

  6. m behm 37 months ago

    as a person who works in a school I think these photos are great. Healthy and less expensive than buying your lunch. Looks like a lot of food. One thing I thought of though, is maybe not kebab skewers in a cafeteria full of 6 and 7 year olds. Hope they stayed in his lunchbox.

  7. goin2carolina 37 months ago

    I use straws for "skewers"

  8. jau9781 33 months ago

    I have three children and I am going to start packing their lunches this year. I will be modeling your pictures for ideas that is such a wonderful idea. Thank you for documenting this for us out there with NO imagination. Half my problem was figuring out what to pack.

  9. Elly MacKay 32 months ago

    You have me inspired... my little one is just about to start school. Thanks for the great ideas. Elly

  10. ginapistoneserhal 26 months ago

    so inspiring! I wish you would pack my lunch for work lol thank you so much for the images!

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