Colonel Kami-sama

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    Okay, a little explainaition - usually these little placards (ema) are used at Shinto shrines. People write their prayers on the back and leave them at the shrine, presumeably for the gods to answer.

    This was hanging from the ceiling at the Shijo-Kawaramachi KFC.

    Now what on earth would you pray to the Colonel for? I mean, he is dead, which techinally qualifies you for godhood in Shinto, near as I know. But still.... weird....

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    1. 顔なし ages ago | reply

      he is loved by the Japanese people. He played a major part in "Kafka on the Shore" by Haruki Murakami.

      this is purely amazing though. Please tell me you inquired about purchasing one.

    2. MShades ages ago | reply

      Not today, but I'll swing by tomorrow and grab one. Do you know the proper word for it?

    3. 顔なし ages ago | reply

      ema I believe.

    4. MShades ages ago | reply

      Groovy. I'll get on that.

    5. jpellgen 110 months ago | reply

      This has to be one of the best things I have ever seen... Period.

    6. ryotarotakao2 12 months ago | reply

      Great photo!
      I used this photo in my blog post. The page will be published on August 5th. Thank you.

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