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1/25, finished 1/6/09: One of my Flickr friends told me about this. It's a lot of

information about rats.... Probably more than you ever wanted to know.

So far the best thing I've learned is about what to bait my traps

with: scrambled eggs or peanut butter and sardines

I've caught two rats this week.

This is a non scientific treatise about rats: their habits and habitat, their social groupings, people who catch them, lore about them, etc. It has a lot of peripheral information (which is always the best part of this kind of book to me) about New York, the exterminators, plague, etc. It is not a book about pet or domesticated rats in any way. It was the peripheral bits that I found most useful and interesting. Don't know that I would recommend it unless you are really into rats or "vermin control".

Let me leave you with a quote, which does not sum up the book, but which I still find interesting:

"I think rats are really, really gross, though through no fault of their own. I think it is our fault, actually. We humans are always looking for a species to despise, especially since we can and do act so despicably ourselves. We shake our heads as rats overpopulate, fight over limited food supplies, and then go to war until the population is killed down, but then we proceed to follow the same battle plan." - Robert Sullivan, author of Rats.

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Taken on January 2, 2009