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    1. alcarilinquë 50 months ago | reply

      Anyone happen to know what fonts these are?

    2. little.knife 49 months ago | reply

      futura at the top.

    3. The Moffin 49 months ago | reply

      Is there a place where I can see the original of this? or buy a print of it? Because, uhm, it's awesome.

    4. dapoochy 49 months ago | reply

      The font is either Futura or Century Gothic, bold - judging from S and B, it's more of Century Gothic. Either way, quite similar and there are numerous variations@ kins I believe.

    5. kylewhitedesign 49 months ago | reply

      The typeface used is Gotham. Same type used on the Obama "Hope" posters. It is not futura or century gothic.

    6. little.knife 49 months ago | reply

      gotham!? not at all. aside from looking nothing like it, this image was likely created before HFJ were even founded (1989).

    7. ms_erin.nicole 49 months ago | reply

      @The Moffin—The original is just a tiny little 4x6 postcard that I found in an antique store. I suppose I could scan in a higher resolution of it for downloading?

    8. ms_erin.nicole 49 months ago | reply

      @little.knife—Yep, the back of the postcard is dated "August 25, 1957" (with a 3¢ stamp!)

      The back of the postcard reads:

      Out here in "God's Country (?)" a new heat record 103°. Last week it was mild—just around 100°. The folks here love it—but they have everything—including their cars—air conditioned. Be home next Saturday.
      How do you treat "sunblindness"

      I'll scan in the back as well as soon as I get the chance!

    9. jamison. 49 months ago | reply

      could be Univers.., though the capital M has a point to it like futura who knows...

    10. Tim 49 months ago | reply

      Century Gothic, no (look at the apostrophe, it's a slab rather than "curly")
      Univers, no (look at the m, it has slanted sides)

      Futura Bold is close, but the counter on the "A" is small, but there are many faces in Futura which vary in that ay.

    11. dale_sndbrg 42 months ago | reply

      you guys have to remember that this card is from 1957. Fonts change overtime and the one used on this card very well could have. Also, this would have been done with typeface and a printing press. In addition who said that they used a font? They very well could have shaped their own typeface specifically for their printing company or just this card.

    12. danieleggert 38 months ago | reply

      Honestly? I was brought up to think of it as Texas, Occupied Northern Texas (Ok panhandle and parts of CO & NM), Dixie, and "All Those Damned Yankee States."

      Grandpa was originally from PA and he was the first to teach me that we "had no use for any carpet-bagging yankees." Wasn't 'til later that I learned he was one. :P

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