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    Unlike toronto you must have a card in order to board the subway. Either you get a one ride card which you place back in the machine when you are done or you have a prepaid transit card that works in all buses and subways. I was waiting for my firend to buy a ticket, so i snapped this one. Turned out alright, i jsut wished i knew how to use photoshop.

    1. spoony mushroom 68 months ago | reply

      Looks pretty good to me. What would you do with photoshop on this pic?

    2. Mike Seliske 68 months ago | reply

      its amazing how much better photos turn out when you tweak it with photoshop. Mine are almost always processed very little. Little bit of cropping here, curve playing there. Other then that nothing more.

    3. spoony mushroom 68 months ago | reply

      Yes, you're right. You kind of made it sound like you didn't do any post-processing on this pic *at all*, but I'm not sure what you had in mind in terms of more advanced tweaks.

      These days, I'm using PS less and less and pretty much sticking to Lightroom. I used to resort to PS when I need layers, but now that Lightroom has selective adjustment features, I only need Photoshop for more drastic corrections.

    4. Mike Seliske 68 months ago | reply

      i don't use lightroom, maybe i should give it a try. What's the difference?

    5. spoony mushroom 68 months ago | reply

      Lightroom has an interface for importing and organizing photos, and can load RAW files natively (similar to Bridge). There's no need to convert to jpeg for processing.

      The best part is a set of robust non-destructive image processing functions (stuff you find in PS): white balance, exposure adjustments, curves, local contrast and colour enhancement.

      It has a couple of neat features which, while possible in PS with some work, is a breeze in Lightroom, namely split toning and selective colour. My biggest beef with it right now is lack of geometric corrections. While Lightroom can fix vignetting and CAs, it can't correct barrel distortions or perspective distortions. Oh, and Lightroom's sharpening filter kinda blows.

    6. Asmarandhana 30 months ago | reply

      I want to know,,

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