Morning View...

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    one big cup of yum!

    1. emdot ages ago | reply

      I like the feet peeking out. ;)

    2. calvo ages ago | reply

      wow...neat perspective. it actually took me a moment to process what I was looking at.

    3. emdot ages ago | reply

      That's called cream in the coffee, Jeffy. And it is, in and of itself, a reason to turn thy back from the veganism and partake in the delights of the animal world. (okay, on second thought, that sounds a bit wrong).

    4. calvo ages ago | reply

      yer a little bit of twisted, emmy.


    5. mscaprikell ages ago | reply

      hey.... milk is a gift.... we are encouraged to partake! .... makes coffee delish!

    6. emdot ages ago | reply

      It's really the main reason I drink coffee. ;)

    7. Twinmama ages ago | reply

      That's the first thing in the morning I need to see (and non-dairy creamer or black for us!).

    8. calvo ages ago | reply

      I'm with Twinmama...not much comes before coffee in the morning, and no cream comes with the coffee.

    9. mscaprikell ages ago | reply

      no cream??? how else do you make a real latte??? no, soy milk and rice milk do not make the same creamy texture!

    10. Honeyisland ages ago | reply

      crazy view...

    11. mscaprikell ages ago | reply

      My contribution to PhotoFriday's: Obsession

      Coffee is an Obsession for me.... ~giggles~

    12. Tine ages ago | reply

      WOW, fantastic shot and yes coffee is an obsession to a lot of people including me :)

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