Rephotography in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park
From Aug 20 - 27, 2017 Mike and I, along with friends from the Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Island section, travelled to BC's Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park.

The Mountain Legacy Project ( - Mike and I are researchers with the project ) was in the area in 2010 and rephotographed a number of Arthur Wheeler's 1913 images. We did "three-peats" on some of those images. Especially from the ones taken at Nub Peak and area. Check out and
to see both the area and the 2010 repeats.

We also did some new repeats - these were from Wheeler's 1916 visit to the area and featured images from Cave Mtn, Mt. Cautley, and the Towers.

Here are the stations with the historic shots:
Cave Mtn:

Mt. Cautley - north ridge:

The Towers:

We got up on all of these and did some reconnaissance repeats -- I call them "reconnaissance" because we didn't have the full MLP gear -- it was just me and Mike, an iPad with the historic images, and a hand-held 1.5 crop factor mirrorless camera. Still, some interesting images, especially when viewed as insets into panoramas of this amazing area.
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