Tengo Album Photosession
Mr. Tengo and company “Tengo Production” present photosession “Tengo Album Photosession” dedicated to the first Mr. Tengo’s album “TENGO”.

Photographer: Mikhail Nakhimovich
Make Up: Elena Ugrin

The photosession was taken in Tel Aviv near Azrieli Towers.

In this photosession Mr. Tengo is presented in two images: Tengo Boss and Tengo Creative.

Tengo Boss - Mr. Tengo’s image after 10 years. He grew up and became wiser. He achieved success for which he worked so hard in young age. Now his goals became more widescale. He became a leader from whom a large number of people depend. He became a boss.

Tengo Creative - Mr. Tengo’s image today. Young, creative and ambitious guy seeking to make the dream come true and ready to work for this in 24/7 mode. He sees big future over the horizon and he always goes ahead. He always turns his ideas into reality.
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