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day 42 - baby possum

Another busy day. (I know. What a shock.) More packing, more schlepping of boxes to my parents' garage -- this time it was the entire contents of our overhead crawl-space, two truckloads full of stored baby memories and restoration parts for my husband's car and religious books and music books and who knows what all. In the midst of this, my daughter had a birthday party to attend; on my way home from dropping her off, I saw what I thought was a rat, behaving in a most un-rat-like manner as it crossed the road about fifty yards from my house. It was moving slowly, no skittering at all. When I parked the car I took my camera (of course) back to see what was going on; I found a BABY POSSUM crossing the road. I very nearly died of the cuteness, which is funny, because when they're full-sized, American possums are not cute at all. Here he is, telling me he will CUT ME if I even THINK about getting any closer with that big black thing because he is a BIG BAD TOUGH GUY MARSUPIAL . As anyone can see.


Also, here he is looking more sedate.


And here he is in all his full-length hairy cuteness (he was pretty much exactly the size of someone's pet rat, just for scale.)


When I went back out later he was gone. I hope he's old enough not to need a mother, or that he found her, or she found him, or whatever.

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Taken on August 11, 2007