Futurama and Dungeons & Dragons

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    I'm just going to go ahead and order business cards that say "Dork" on them.

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    1. sween 36 months ago | reply

      "Pity sex". Genius.

    2. edcasey 36 months ago | reply

      Race: Old


    3. jesse_pindus 36 months ago | reply

      Funny, though I would suggest Bender's intelligence (no way he's intelligent as Leela) and his charisma be a little lower (he had no friends before he met Fry), Zoidberg's charisma should be the least ranked of is qualities (since none of his co-workers seem to like him) and Zapp's charisma should definitely be pretty high (since he attracts a lot of ladies that don't know him well enough, i.e. Amy, Linda)

    4. @Remiel 36 months ago | reply

      @jesse_pindus: Good observations. I initially had Bender's INT much lower, but as I was going through the episodes, I felt it didn't do his "scheminess" justice. He's actually a clever plotter and can think when he needs to. That's also why I bumped up his CHA; he can manipulate people when he wants to. I covered his thoughtless / ignorant side by putting his WIS at 5.
      You're right about Zoidberg, of course. I just felt he was slightly more clueless than uncharismatic (only slightly!). Everyone hates Zapp, and unlike Bender, he seems to have zero ability to turn on the charm. Even his entire crew hate him. I think his only "friend" is Nixon; that's not a ringing endorsement. Meanwhile, his lady conquests struck me more as punchlines than manifestations of his charm.
      Of course, the whole thing is extremely tricky and subjective, since a comedy show thrives on surprises and exceptions, not the integrity of its characters. One funny/interesting thing I noticed doing this: the entire cast of the show, with the possible exception of Nibbler, is really low on Wisdom. I think that's partly what gives the show its cynical quality.

    5. fancycwabs 36 months ago | reply

      I always thought Bender was 40% Dolemite, but the internet seems to suggest that 40% Dolomite is the way to go. Live and learn!

    6. Biffbiffley 36 months ago | reply

      Um.. Charisma isn't just making people like you it's force of personality...

      Bender has that in spades.

    7. Wyrmworld 36 months ago | reply

      Fantastic work but I can't restrain myself from pointing out the typo in Fry's stats - "absense" for "absence"

    8. @Remiel 36 months ago | reply

      @Wyrmworld: Great cow of Moscow! Fixed.

    9. Dragonsindungeons 36 months ago | reply

      haha thats a great mash up! Really great idea :D

      Assuming I ever manage to get round to making my website live I'll be sure to link back to this in an article :D

      dungeon dragon

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