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    1. H@shim A ™ 103 months ago | reply

      sorry... just can't help but compare...

      the execution isn't bad imo, it's just the static look to this when i'd rather see something more dramatic - either with the guy's body language/expression or the setting - ideally both.

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    2. Jim Skea 103 months ago | reply

      And I can't help but compare with this one in The Safe.

      The composition's reasonable (though the left is noticeably emptier than the right) and I like the colour treatment. It's probably the most interesting thing I've seen happen in Ayr but it needs an extra something (maybe on the empty left) to keep me coming back to it. Now if it had a dog looking up at him...

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    3. gdiazdeleon 103 months ago | reply

      Maybe a save without the black border...

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      Missing deleteme4 tag!!!

    4. Jim Skea 103 months ago | reply

      [Fixing up tags for that noob Jim Skea.]

    5. native's 103 months ago | reply

      levitation?! This guy ust have meditated for a looooong time!


    6. Pink Albatross 103 months ago | reply

      Why the structure in the background? Why the levitation above the post? Why levitate *here*? No, I really don't get it. Must be the composition.

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    7. johnsmithsmith 103 months ago | reply

      not too interesting

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    8. Eowyn. 103 months ago | reply

      This is just kinda too weird for me, sorry

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    9. Frédéric Poirot 103 months ago | reply

      as said above, the person should have had a more dynamic body language or something to look at. I guess the framing and surrounding kills the effort.

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    10. charlie chipman [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      i like that the guy is not more dynamic. i even like the picture. but since its 9 to zero and theres no chance in hell of you getting a save me im just gonna put you out of your misery.

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    11. Mauro Magnasco 103 months ago | reply

      nice effect but,

      i dont know whats the point of this picture, i just can get the message

    12. Jim Skea 103 months ago | reply

      I guess you call this a humanitarian Ayr lift?

      Anyone, this has 10 legitimate deletemes so I'm removing it from the DeleteMe pool.

      You didn't make it into The Safe but don't miss your chance to forever annoy the rest of the group by posting it to the U Got Me thread.

    13. mrpattersonsir 103 months ago | reply

      cheers everyone for the comments, and jim skea, i couldnt pass up the opportunity of winding the rest of the group up! (shocking Ayr pun by the way, shocking...)

      now posted in the U Got Me thread.

    14. meemal 103 months ago | reply

      there's somthing really silly abou tthis! Makes me smile!

    15. Mac ind Óg 103 months ago | reply

      Is this for real or are you floating there by some supernatural power?

      The problem I have with it is the fact that your feet look level and there's no obvious sense of motion. Oh, and the lighting just ain't right.

    16. Beam3000 103 months ago | reply

      Paddy - I think you might need a hammer to get that nail in :)

    17. JoePhilipson 103 months ago | reply

      Doesn't look like you jumped at all...

    18. Plemon Studios 102 months ago | reply

      Such static movement...if that's possible.
      Great series, I can't wait to get this lens. My 30D is one day old, so I should be patient...

    19. benoit M 89 months ago | reply

      Great shot ! The time seems stoped.

    20. papalamour 72 months ago | reply

      Is that an old rusty red special Dock button that says "Do not press"?


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