Nostalgia in a Cup

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    It is funny how little things can trigger a sense of nostalgia, without necessarily reminding you of any particular incident. I saw this glass one of the kids had been using on the table, and suddenly I was transported to... sometime in the past. I didn't know when, I just remembered this glass from my childhood. (We had gotten these from McDonald's at some point.) I'm amazed that it has survived this long, given that it is used by kids. (It is also really hard taking a picture of a glass where the image wraps around.)

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    1. jeedmoky 114 months ago | reply

      Do they have meetings for pack rats?

    2. jonchan 113 months ago | reply

      wow...i remember getting those glasses from mcdonalds too! mine eventually faded away...

    3. mrjoro 113 months ago | reply

      Now that McDonald's may use partial digital downloads as their prize, I wonder how much nostalgia there will be.

      "Remember that time we got to watch 5 minutes of 'King Kong' at McDonald's? That was awesome."

    4. shortAMP 113 months ago | reply

      Yes, I had this cup too. I got it at McD's about 15 years ago.
      One day I decided to clean out my mom's kitchen and I took it to Goodwill, when my mom found out she sent me back to get it.
      When I got there, there was a similar cup, but not the same one. She doesn't know that though...Seeing this cup brings back many memories.

    5. Patrick Q 105 months ago | reply

      I loved this cup. I had the set and insisted on only drinking from these or my snoopy set of glasses.

    6. mrjoro 105 months ago | reply

      shortAMP, it's sort of like buying a kid a similar goldfish to replace the one that died--endless fodder for sitcoms.

      Patrick Q, I had a special connection to Snoopy as well. I had the same name as his Joe Cool persona.

    7. drewfleischer 44 months ago | reply

      i still have this mug!

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